"Dance until you shatter yourself." -Rumi

Monday, December 13, 2010


One of the first things I do when I settle into a new place is create a sacred altar. Altars help keep me grounded on my spiritual path. In many ways everything in my life becomes an altar. The way I put my fruit in the basket, the way I keep my self-care products arranged, how I fold my clothes (um, when I fold my clothes), etc.. Basically, every flat surface in my space becomes an opportunity to create something special and beautiful. Just like me my altars are constantly evolving and changing. I'm always adding, rearranging and removing things so that my altars are a current reflection of who I am and what I am inspiring in my life.

Altars serve many purposes. They can invoke our imaginations, hold our intentions and remind us of our spiritual path. Oftentimes, an altar holds space for all of those things. You can create an altar anywhere you like. It's best if it is some place that is special to you, a place that you see often.

Things to consider as you create an altar?

~What am I creating in my life?

~What brings me peace?

~Who or what inspires me?

~What am I grateful for

~What am I honoring in my life?

What to put on your altar?

~sacred objects

~pieces of nature-- a stone, seashell, leaf, etc.

~religious or spiritual figures or icons

~a poem, inspiration quote or collage

~a plant, picture or piece of candy

~any object that you find beautiful or special

~anything that inspires you or holds your intentions

Most importantly, when creating an altar let your imagination run free. Let your altar be a creative reflection. Don't let your altar become stale or neglected.

Enjoy creating your sacred space.

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