"Dance until you shatter yourself." -Rumi

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spring is slowly approaching. Very slowly. I love the anticipation and how there's a daily presentation of something new. The other day I went to the Arboretum in Jamaica Plain with an old friend. We climbed trees and rejoiced in blue skies and the light, warm air. Then yesterday I saw crocuses poking up through a remaining patch of snow. Today it was 40 degrees, then it snowed, then it turned into sunny blue skies, and now it's 32 degrees and dropping. Oh what a smorgasbord of wonder nature offers New England!

I've been in Boston almost 6 months now, and I feel like I'm finally arriving here. Im making friends, I don't get lost as often and my yoga clases at South Boston Yoga are going great!

My new years commitment to create more art and make more love has changed the way I see and relate to the world. More and more I see the world as an interactive museum of art that asks me to touch and smell and look and listen; invites me to play and take delight. Everyday I fall in love with something or someone. Creating more art has also helped me to see, feel and accept my sorrows, my challenges and my fears. It has helped me to gracefully surrender to life just as it is.

And isn't that the practice of yoga? Doing more and more of the things that bring joy, inspiration and contentment while accepting that life has ups and downs, moments of connection with times of isolation, times when we stand on top of the world and times when we enter the cave of grief.

David Whyte says, "Absent the edge we drown in numbness." Just like in the physical practice of yoga we meet the edge of a stretch and we are invited to linger and to wait. Eventually-- in that moment or maybe months down the road-- something loosens, something shifts and that muscle lets go a little, that heart ache softens, that resistance to life disappears. If the edge is too painful then it's time to back off a little, come out of the pose or take a break. Then when we are ready we come back to the edge and explore again.

The spring equinox is approaching. This is a great time to reflect upon the first quarter of the year. How have you been doing with your new years intentions? What has inspired you? What has challenged you? Perhaps it's time to re-commit to your intentions, or maybe it's time to create a new intention for this next quarter of the year. Remember to reflect with compassion.

Wishing everyone a happy and joyful seasonal transition! Happy Spring.

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