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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Newsy update from The Sacred Tremor Newsletter:

Hey, Y'all!

I hope that you've been keeping up with me on my blog. I've been posting pictures and short movies that I've made. If you haven't checked it out recently go ahead and click now: SACRED TREMOR BLOG There's lots of fun stuff to look at including a recent Full Moon Dance around the fire.

I'm still living at
Easton Mountain just north of Albany, NY. I'm truly having the time of my life. I moved here with the intention that this was going to be my SUMMER OF LOVE. It's been everything I dreamed of and more. Everyday I wake up with gratitude that I am here in what I call Heaven on Earth. Everyday is a new adventure. Everyday is a new beginning. Everyday I'm inspired, challenged, uplifted and supported in exploring the deeper aspects of life. Easton Mountain is a spiritual community that encourages and holds space for gay people to find wholeness and connection.

It feels a lot like camp including making a new soulmate friend buddy co-conspirator. Michael James. We somehow have gotten the reputation for being the trouble makers of Easton Mountain. Imagine! I guess we've earned it in that we like to have fun and we don't let much get in our way of being happy and spreading joy to everyone around us.

The land here is beautiful, and I've re-connected to nature's rhythms in a really intimate way. I spend most of my days outside whether it's hiking around the mountain, walking to the garden to pick kale for dinner, swimming in the pool, passing football, canoeing on the pond or relaxing in the hammock. At night the sky is thick with stars and the Milky Way Galaxy roams across the blackness like some ancient mist. Sometimes Michael and I take the canoe out late at night in silence and just soak in the vastness of the universe.

I came to Easton Mountain on somewhat of a sabbatical from teaching. I've been teachig yoga full-time for almost 10 years, and I wanted to take a break for the summer to re-discover myself, to replenish my well. I took on the role of volunteer co-ordinator, which is itself a volunteer position. It feels good to be here in the form of service. I teach yoga, organize and host events, scrub toilets, wash dishes, talk with guests, make movies, frolick and comingle, and keep the volunteer program running smoothly.

My yoga practice has changed quite a bit since being here. I'm less focused on the postures, and I've been exploring the more philosophical side of things. Oh, I'm still doing asana and loving it, but my interests have been focused more on sitting with the questions that come up. What does it mean to live a life of truth? How can I open to more compassion and forgiveness? Do I really need another piece of pie? The questions more often than not lead me to more questions.

What are the questions you are asking yourself today?

Lots of Love,

PS: I've created
The Sacred Tremor Project recently as a means of sustaining myself here at Easton Mountain, while supporting others with their intentions. Find out how you can receive your own original piece of art that holds your intention.

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