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Saturday, May 19, 2012

DOUG WRITES | Consciously Conscioius

Consciously Unconscious
By Douglas Allen

The unconscious is a powerful part of our existence that gets to sort itself out when we meditate and dream.  If we pay attention and incorporate its language in our waking state, it connects us to creative ideals and meaningful imagery.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and dream analysist, formed a basic tenet that said all products of the unconscious are symbolic and can be taken as guiding messages.  He has been a powerful influence in the pursuit of my truth through the continual analysis of my dreams and meditative states.  Witnessing a part of our psyche that does not usually enter our awareness is frightening and enlightening at the same time.  These fleeting moments of ah-ha and eureka, if jotted down and interpreted, can be golden opportunities to help us avoid traps, and can lead us towards where we ultimately want to go!  It is all about intention at a deep-seeded level.

In my dream last night, I was looking at two trees which were severely cut back for the season.  I felt the shock that they had experienced during the cutting.  On the trees were still some remaining orange seeds. The image and sensation was like in a stand-still.  Then, like a fluttering lens trying to find its object and focus, the image shifted in a blurred and jumpy way to another image.  The dream now fixated on a magnificent tree standing in all its glory; wicked tall and with an impressive trunk and a unique shape.  It was complete.

Upon waking, I wrote down my dream like I’ve been consistently doing for fifteen years now, and it had been an invaluable experience to learn about my inner psyche through these messengers. Lately, I have felt densely trimmed, stripped of what I have known, bare, in shock, and without my typical expression, and yet, there are seeds of growth in that state.  Life and healing (one in the same) is a process, and the shifting focus represents time passing.  I then saw a whole tree, representative of myself, fully realized. 

“To believe you are magnificent.  And gradually to discover that you are not magnificent.  Enough labor for one human life.”  -- Czeslaw Milosz

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