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Monday, April 30, 2012


The Spandananda Show : Art Cards

Add a new element to your day that will nurture insight and intention!  These art cards are fun to create on your own, or they can be ordered from The Sacred Tremor, and are a great supplement to creating what you long for in life.  Used individually, with friends, or with your intimate, these cards bring symbolism alive!

Make your own OR order a desk specifically made for you!

Each art card deck is made to order, using a variety of card decks, cases, and images, so the entire gift you give yourself or a loved one is truly unique in its quality of presentation.  
All images are intentionally selected and affixed to the cards in order to ensure for a long-lasting deck.  In addition, all decks come with a handy instruction guide!
There are many opportunities to use these cards, such as:

--During your meditation.  Shuffle the cards and create an intention, and interpret the selected card based off what you wish to have manifested in your intention.  Ponder how it speaks to you. Various interpretations abound even if the same card is picked again and again!

--With your friends as a way to entertain, engage, and develop deeper fellowship.   Art cards are a nice alternative to a board game or movie.  One at a time, each person selects a card, and everyone interprets the same image as you go round.  The image is interpreted based off what you see solely in the image, and/or what they see reflected in the image for the specific person who drew the card from the deck.

--With you partner, you can interpret the card you pulled, and then your lover can interpret the card for you in a personal way.

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