"Dance until you shatter yourself." -Rumi

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey Y'all,

I want to start of first with a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who wrote to me last week regarding my last newsletter.  So many of you told me about your intentions to start juicing, your desires to live more passionately, and some of you shared with me your own personal stories of successes and challenges.  Hearing from you inspires me to keep writing, creating, living more boldly, and sharing my own personal stories.  The Spandananda Show was born out of that wave of responses!
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I've also been inspired by Tommy Faricy, who is a life coach and very dear friend of mine.  Recently, in the midst of  dragging my feet about a life decision, he stopped me in my tracks and said:  "Be bold.  That's who you are."  I heard those two simple and powerful words as if for the first time: Be bold!

So.  For those of you in the duldrums of indecision, stumped by life, dragging your feet, or simply procrastinating being who you know you are, let me now be the one to say to you: BE BOLD! Unfetter your brilliance. Follow your urges. The path isn't always clear.  Sometimes it might seem ridiculous.  Sometimes it might even seem foolish or dangerous.  Now is not the time to be timid about following your dreams.

It's important that we recognize the beautiful and devasting truth of what Martha Graham writes.  We must listen attentively to the "urges that motivate us," and then we must respond to those deep urges.

Lots of love,

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